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Historian's Corner
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The Historian's Corner advances the Historian's responsibility to "Supervise the collection of new documents [and] facilitate research projects . . . related to the archives of the Society" (Article III, Section 7d of the Society's Bylaws). It makes essential documents pertaining to the history and functioning of the CIES and the field of comparative education accessible to the membership through the Society's website. In addition to facilitating access to the official CIES Archive located at Kent State University, the Historian's Corner publicizes important documents and statements relating to the comparative education field located in other archival centers, in particular the Hoover Institution and the Special Collections Research Center at the University of Chicago.

The Historian's Corner also provides an historical perspective of the Society’s past activities, senior officers, committee members and awardees. Specifically it contains an inventory of important figures, dates and places; the annual reports of the Society's officers and committees; and links to key scholarly works on the development of the field and its principal organizations.

In providing access to these resources, the Historian's Corner aims at building a common storehouse for the preservation of memory and the enhancement of a common Comparative Education identity. 

Comparatively Speaking II


Comparatively Speaking - CIES President's Oral History of CIES

Other Historical Documents

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Awards Handbook PDF (799.33 KB) Administration 10/12/2015
Annual CIES Conferences PDF (140.69 KB) Administration 10/13/2014
Joyce Cain Award PDF (284.97 KB) Administration 10/13/2014
Jackie Kirk Award PDF (216.19 KB) Administration 10/13/2014
Gail Kelly Award PDF (268.37 KB) Administration 10/13/2014
George Bereday Award PDF (331.41 KB) Administration 10/13/2014
Honorary Fellow PDF (148.97 KB) Administration 10/13/2014
Board of Directors PDF (497.48 KB) Administration 10/13/2014
Past CIES Presidents PDF (255.87 KB) Administration 10/13/2014
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