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2018-2019 CIES Committees


Cathryn Magno, University of Fribourg (Chair) |

Jason Beech, Universidad de San Andrés

Michael Russell  , Centenary University

Prachi Srivastava, University of Western Ontario 


Finance & Investment

Amber Gove, RTI International (Chair) | 

Anne Mungai, Adelphi University

Emily Morris, University of Minnesota

Iveta Silova, Arizona State University

Alan Wagner, University at Albany, SUNY

Hilary Landorf, Florida International University [Ex-Officio as Executive Director CIES]                           

Catherine Wadley, Bliss Consulting Services, Inc. [Ex-Officio as Finance Director CIES] 


Governance Committee

Regina Cortina, Teachers College Columbia University (Chair)

Cathryn Magno, University of Fribourg

Esther Gottlieb, Ohio State University

Iveta Silova, Arizona State University

Norin Taj, OISE-University of Toronto (Student Representative)



Chris Bjork, Vasser College (Chair) |

Marianne Larsen, University of Western Ontario

Erin Murphy-Graham, University of California, Berkeley

Kristen Molyneaux, MacArthur Foundation

Bjorn Nordtveit , University of Massachusetts Amherst [Ex-Officio as Editor, CER]


Gender & Education 

Emily Anderson, Centenary University (Chair) |

Catherine Vanner, McGill University (Chair) |

Norin Taj, OISE–University of Toronto


New Scholars

Elisabeth Lefebvre, Bethel University (Chair) |

Malini Sivasubramaniam-Davis, OISE—University of Toronto (Chair) |

Vanessa Sperduti, University of Western Ontario (Chair) |

Md. Jahangir Alam, Kobe University

Shahrman Khattak, OISE—University of Toronto

Nozomi Sakata, UCL Institute of Education

Katie Cierniak, Indiana University Bloomington

Laura Seithers, University of Minnesota 

Kevin Kester, Keimyung University

Alice Chan, McGill University

Devleena Chatterji, University of Minnesota

Maria Khan, University at Albany, SUNY



(Under-represented Racial, Ethnic, and Ability Groups)

Anize M Appel, Northampton Community College (Chair) |

Pavan John Antony, Adelphi University (Vice-Chair) |

Elizaveta Bagrintseva, University of Oslo

Steve Azaiki, Niger Delta University

Ashwini Tiwari, University of Houston

Ademola Akinrinola, University of Illinois


SIG Oversight 

Monisha Bajaj, University of San Francisco (Chair) |

Susanne Ress, Humboldt University of Berlin (Chair) |

Aryn Baxter, Arizona State University

Jonathan Friedman, New York University

Roozbeh Shirazi , University of Minnesota

Carol Anne Spreen, New York University

Fatima T. Zahra, University of Pennsylvania



Joan Dejaeghere, University of Minnesota (Chair) |


Awards Sub-Committees

George Bereday Award

Lesley Bartlett, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Chair) |

Amita Chudgar, Michigan State University

Kara Brown, University of South Carolina

Thomas Luschei , Claremont Graduate University


Honorary Fellows Award

Iveta Silova, Arizona State University (Chair) |

Henry M. Levin, Columbia University

Francisco "Chiqui" Ramirez, Stanford University

Nelly Stromquist, University of Maryland


Gail P. Kelly Award

Kristy Kelly, Drexel University (Chair) |

Halla Holmarsdottir, Oslo and Akershus University College

Francine Menashy, University of Massachusetts Boston

Payal Shah, University of South Carolina

Matthew A.M. Thomas, University of Sydney


Joyce Cain Award 

Nafees M. Khan, Clemson University (Chair) |

Patricia K. Kubow, Indiana University Bloomington

Desmond Odugu, Lake Forest College

Nicole Webster, Penn State University

Hakim Williams, Gettysburg College


Jackie Kirk Award 

Jenny Parkes, UCL Institute of Education (Chair) |

Anita Reilly, International Rescue Committee

S. Garnett Russell, Columbia University

Marni Sommer, Columbia University

Francesca Salvi, University of Portsmouth

International Travel Award

Edith Omwami, University of California, Los Angeles (Chair) |

Maryann Chacko, Ahmedabad University

Hiram Herrera, Universidad Politécnica de Victoria

Stephanie Matseleng, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

Moses Ngware, African Population Health Research Center


Ad-Hoc Committee on Social and Policy Engagement

Lesley Bartlett, University of Wisconsin—Madison (Chair) |

Gustavo Fischman, Arizona State University (Chair) |

Mark Ginsburg, University of Maryland

Nancy Kendall, University of Wisconsin—Madison

Cathryn Magno, University of Fribourg

Dan Wagner, University of Pennsylvania


Ad-Hoc Committee on Member Code of Conduct

Noah W. Sobe, Loyola University Chicago (Chair) |

Aryn Baxter, Arizona State University

Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher, University of Pennsylvania

Emily Morris, University of Minnesota

Riyad Shahjahan, Michigan State University


Ad-Hoc Committee on Leadership Election for Standing Committees

Iveta Silova, Arizona State University (Chair) |

Karen Monkman, DePaul University

Anne Mungai, Adelphi University

Rhiannon Williams, University of Minnesota 

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