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Special Interest Groups
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CIES currently has 31 special interest groups (SIGs). These groups  provide a forum for the involvement of individuals drawn together by common interest, such as in a field of study or geographic region.The goals of SIGs include enhancing the comprehensiveness and diversity of CIES by promoting new research, collaborative opportunities, and mentoring of novice educational researchers. SIGs also provide a platform for continuing, long-term research interests, and allow more members to assume an active role in CIES during and between Annual Meetings.

SIGs exist under the auspice of CIES.  The initial decisions to introduce Special Interest Groups into CIES occurred in 2004 under the Presidency of Kassie Freeman, with the first SIGs approved in 2005/2006. SIGs are required to conform to the Constitution and Bylaws of CIES and to the CIES SIG Handbook.

Recognized SIGs receive conference space for sessions at the Annual Meeting. To be considered active, a SIG must be constituted by at least 30 active CIES members, elect offers, prepare a program for the Annual Meeting, execute assigned submission reviews in preparation for the Annual Meeting, and submit an annual report to the CIES SIG Oversight Committee.

Membership in any SIG  is open to all registered CIES members.

SIG membership is $10. You must be a current CIES Member to join a SIG. 

You can pay SIG dues when joining or renewing your membership.  If you are currently a CIES Member and would like to join a SIG during the year, please visit CIES Membership to submit SIG dues.

Learn more about the individual SIGs here and find contact details of Group Representatives







Starting a New SIG

Per the CIES Bylaws, any group of 30 or more active CIES members may petition for the establishment of a SIG. Each petition should include the printed names, email or mailing address, and signatures of the CIES members as well as a rationale describing the purpose, scope, and uniqueness of the SIG and its membership. Please refer to Appendix 1 of the CIES SIG Handbook. Completed petitions should be sent to the CIES Office of the Executive Director at

The following describes the process for establishing a new SIG:

1. The requisite number of CIES members completes and sends a petition for a new CIES SIG to the CIES Standing Committee Chair (Appendix 2) by April 30. No funds are collected with this petition.

2. The SIG Oversight Committee reviews proposals, and ensures that it meets all requirements, before forwarding its recommendation with the petition to the CIES Board of Directors by July 31.

3. The Board of Directors approves or rejects new SIG petitions by December 31.

4. SIGs approved by the Board of Directors are officially accepted into the Society at the next Annual Meeting, and hold their first business meeting and formally elect officers at the same Annual Meeting.

5. SIGs solicit panels at the Annual Meeting after their first Business Meeting and election of officers.

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