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CIES currently has 23 special interest groups (SIGs) that allow CIES members who share common research interests to connect and collaborate. SIGs focus on a geographic region or on a specialized topic. SIG membership is $10. SIG dues can be paid at ratio, or at the time of online conference registration.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) provide a forum within CIES for the involvement of individuals drawn together by common interest in a field of study. Recognized SIGS will also receive conference space for sessions at the Annual Conference. A SIG must be constituted by at least 15 active CIES members.

Any group of 15 or more active CIES members may petition for the establishment of a SIG. Each petition should include the printed names, email or mailing address, and signatures of the CIES members as well as a rationale describing the purpose, scope, and uniqueness of the SIG and its membership. These petitions will be reviewed and accepted or rejected by the CIES Board of Directors. Approved SIGS are required to submit an annual report. Any questions regarding SIG formation should be sent to the CIES Secretariat's Office. All relevant information pertaining to SIGs is found in the SIG Handbook

To register your interest in creating or joining a SIG, send an email to

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Geographic region-based SIGs

The Africa SIG aims to foster a sense of community among their members, inform the membership of best practices and current research in the field, and provide a valuable space for networking and dialoguing on Africa education. Chairperson: Peter Moyi
The East Asia SIG aims to formalize and strengthen communication among scholars of East Asia, and to help the larger CIES membership become better acquainted with East Asian education and societies. Chairperson: Yingyi Ma, Ph.D Co-chairperson: Takehito Kamata and Xiangyan Liu
The Eurasia SIG SIG will bring together educational researchers and practitioners working on or in Eurasia. Co-chairperson: Alla Korzh Co-chairperson: Alan DeYoung
The Latin America SIG includes Latin Americanist educators, leaders, and scholars who offer through their research and experiences the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishment of goals and the launching of projects in the region, open the dialogue regarding the region’s educational experiences, achievements and challenges. Chairperson: Ana Solano-Campos, Co-Chair; Pablo Fraser, Co-Chair; Martina Arnal, Secretary; Diana Martinez, Webmaster; Erica Mallet, Facebook Manager
The Middle East SIG SIG brings together scholars, educators, and development practitioners interested in the study of the region. Through high quality scholarship, dissemination, and service we seek to enhance educational policy, programming, and pedagogy, and to foster understanding of the region’s peoples more generally. The MESIG is not associated with any political or religious affiliation. Our geographic scope includes the broader Middle East and North Africa region, as well as locales with historic or contemporary ties to the region and their peoples. Co-chairperson: Roozbeh Shirazi Co-chairperson: Elizabeth Buckner
The South Asia SIG SIG provides a systematic forum to bring together those of us working on and interested in educational issues related to South Asia and the South Asian Diaspora. Chairperson: Radhika Iyengar Program Chair: Matthew Witenstein Secretary: Erik Byker


Theme-based SIGs

The Citizenship and Democratic Education SIG seeks to create an active community of educators and researchers, to share their views and encourage productive debate on various aspects of citizenship and democratic education, in the United States and around the world.

Chairperson: Felisa Tibbitts Co-chairperson: Kristina Brezicha

The Contemplative Inquiry and Holistic Education SIG seeks to address holistic development and integration of learners' mind, body, and spirit through contemplative means.

Co-Chairpersons: Jing Lin and Rebecca Oxford

The Cultural Contexts of Education and Human Potential SIG aims to make the case for the necessity of including the voices of individuals often unheard and to promote better understanding and learning between and about different groups. Moreover, it is also intended to demonstrate how the underutilization of the voices of different cultures has led to the underutilization of their potential.

Chairperson: Kassie Freeman

The Early Childhood Development SIG seeks to foster exchange & strengthen linkages between ECD research and practice; help keep members abreast of new developments in the field; build linkages among various ECD networks nationally and internationally; prepare ECD thematic sessions at the next CIES conference.

Chairperson: Rhiannon Williams Program Chairperson: Nawsheen Elaheebocus

The Education for Sustainable Development SIG promotes scholarly research and professional activities of those concerned with the intersection of education (broadly defined) and sustainable development. Specifically, the SIG explores how the discourse and practice of sustainable development affect educational institutions and how educational institutions facilitate the development of knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes needed for sustainable development.

Co-Chairperson: Oren Pizmony-Levy Co-Chairperson: Yimin Wang Secretary: Mattew Aruch

The Global Literacy SIG is organized around key issues in reading and writing instruction and assessment and larger issues and implications of literacy use throughout the world.

Co-chairperson: Barbara Trudell Co-chairperson: Lesley Bartlett

The Global Mathematics Education SIG The purpose of the Global Mathematics Education SIG is to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners from around the world to discuss theory, practices, and techniques related to mathematics learning starting in early childhood to tertiary education.

Co-chairperson: Deepa Srikantaiah Co-chairperson: Wendi Ralaingita

The Globalization and Education SIG seeks to provide a forum where researchers and practitioners involved in global study of comparative and international education have meaningful conversations and exchanges of ideas related to globalization and education.

Co-Chairperson: Stephen Carney Co-Chairperson: Tavis Jules

The Higher Education SIG serves as a networking hub for promoting scholarship opportunities, critical dialogue, and linking professionals and academics to the international aspects of higher education.

Co-Chairperson: Qiang Zha Co-Chairperson: Jorge Enrique Delgado Secretary: Wen Wen Program Chair: Esther Gottlieb

ICT4D (ICT for Development) is an outlet for members of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) to collaborate with, learn from, and create bonds that will heighten interest and research in this ever growing area.

Co-chairperson: Jayson Richardson Co-chairperson: Jeffrey Lee

The Inclusive Education SIG seeks to elicit the participation of scholars interested in educational issues specific to the multiple meanings of IE and, accordingly, to learners who are marginalized due to special educational needs. These might include: disabilities, second language acquisition, poverty, racial and ethnic discrimination, social exclusion, etc.

Chairperson: Chris Johnstone

The Indigenous Knowledge and the Academy SIG consists of CIES members, members of indigenous communities, and practitioners who want to dialogue about ways to develop alternative knowledge and how this can be used to interact with, and transform the academy.

Co-Chairperson: Tutaleni I. Asino Co-Chairperson: Trey Menefee

The Language Issues SIG is a network of researchers and practitioners working to understand the role of language(s) in education, as well as the role of the languages of instruction in differing, and often contentious, political and cultural contexts.

Chairperson: Desmond Odugu Co-Chairperson: Zehlia Babaci-wilhite Communications Co-coordinator: Anna Farrell Communications Co-coordinator: Michelle Gaston

The Large-Scale Cross-National Studies in Education SIG is the newly established SIG with the mission to promote research related to large-scale cross-national studies in education. The SIG will provide a space within CIES for interaction between scholars who are contributing to the three aforementioned lines of research. Also, the SIG will bring together scholars and practitioners who are designing and implementing international assessments of educational achievement.

Co-Chairperson: David Rutkowski Co-chairperson: Oren Pizmony-Levy

The Peace Education SIG brings together members of the Comparative and International Education Society with common interests in the study of peace and conflict, human rights, and social justice in education.

Co-Chairperson: Hakim Williams Co-Chairperson: Maria-Jose Bermeo

The Religion and Education SIG is a newly established SIG for the purpose of comparatively explore the links between education and religion across national, historical, and civilizational contexts. The SIG will foster an interdisciplinary dialogue and international collaboration focusing on the implications from the study of education-religion links for all fields of educational research and practice.

Co-Chairperson: Elena Lisovskaya Co-Chairperson: Robert Osburn Secretary: Bruce Collet

The Teacher Education and the Teaching Profession SIG facilitates dissemination of information and fosters dialogues about critical issues in teaching and teacher education from national and international perspectives. Teachers/teacher educators/researchers are given an opportunity and a framework for discourse on issues, concerns, and successes pertaining to teaching and the teaching profession in each country.

Co-Chairperson: Do-Yong Park Co-chairperson: Eurvine Williams

The Teaching Comparative Education SIG brings together scholars and instructors of comparative and international education from around the world. It is dedicated to understanding and enhancing the contours of course work in the field and promoting comparative and international education in higher education.

Co-chairperson: Allison Blosser Co-chairperson: Patricia K. Kubow


Standing Committees

CIES has eight standing committees: Nominations, Publications, Special Interest Group (SIG) Oversight, Awards Committee, Finance and Investments, Gender and Education, Under-represented Ethnic and Ability Groups (UREAG) and New Scholars.

The Gender & Education Committee fosters attention to gender issues in the CIES and promote the inclusion and professional development of women. The Committee organizes an annual symposium at the CIES conference, to which all CIES members are warmly invited. Symposium presentations reflect the breadth, depth, and quality of the research, programming, and advocacy occurring in the field of gender and education. Recent topics have included: gender as a cross-cutting theme in research, policy, and advocacy; family life and academic stress; gender and peace education; and globalization, gender, and education. The Committee also hosts events including pre-conference workshops, lunchtime speakers, and networking receptions; and engages in research on the inclusion of women in CIES and the annual meeting.

The New Scholars Committee promotes the participation and collegiality among new scholars in CIES through various programs and activities. The activities of the committee are designed to improve the participation of new scholars in the Society, to encourage contributions of new scholars to the Society and to facilitate network opportunities among new scholars and practitioners in the field.

The UREAG Committee (Underrepresented Racial, Ethnic, and Ability Groups) strives to remove barriers to participation in the CIES, at CIES Annual Conferences, and in access to publication of professional articles. The committee aims to increase the participation of under-represented racial, ethnic and ability groups in all CIES policies, programs and activities. UREAG also sponsors panels at the CIES Annual Conference on topics relevant to under-represented racial, ethnic and ability groups.